Fez Photografic Tour

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Daily Tour 1 Day
Fès, Maroc

Whether you take professional photographs, want to make a complete reportage, take only architectural or family shots. The guide of Morocco guided guides you to all the hotspots for every genre of photography to capture the true moments. Every picture tells a story.



  • Professional guide.
  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle) for visiting the outside Medina
  • Professional English/French Speaking Driver and Guide
  • Entrance Fees to historical sites
  • Drinks, orange juice, café… etc

  • Lunch ( if you make a day tour of 8 hours)

What to Expect

  • Discover the Moroccan oldest city.
  • Enter the walls of the Medina, and learn more about the rich culture and ancient history.
  • Take memorable pictures of the incredible Moroccan architecture and old buildings.
  • Visit the museums and authentic monuments.


Photographic tour to make the most perfect shots of the magical world of Moroccan culture.

Our goal is to assist you in shooting the best pictures of the medieval Medina, old buildings, architecture, historical monuments and the all-day life of Fassi locals. The guide will explain all the details while photographing.

Inside the Medina, the guide is also the contact with the local people. Because most of the locals don’t want to be photographed, he will ask them for permission to make the portraits.

Moroccolocaltours makes it possible to shoot the best photographs inside and outside of the Medina. For the inside Medina, the guide will meet you nearby  “Bab Boujloud” also known as the blue gate. This beautiful huge monumental gate built in 1913 in ancient history was the main entrance to Fes- El Bali for the farmers to bring the leather into the Medina tanneries. Bab Bou Jeloud, built in the Moorish style, consists of three symmetrical horseshoe arches. The facade is beautified by a design rich in ornamentation based on geometric, calligraphic, and floral decoration glazed tiles, which are dominantly blue.

From this entrance, you can see the silhouette of the Minarets of a mosque and the Bou Inania Madrasa. The Madrassa functioned both as an educational institute and as a mosque.

Together you visit the most interesting and beautiful places. Places who otherwise mostly stay invisible for tourists. The colourfull local market and the artisanal handicrafts are a joy for every photographer.

For photographing the outside Medina we need to go by car. The panoramic view from Borj Nord is magnificent. Borj Nord is the ruins off a 16the-century fortress.T he Muslim/ Jewish quarter, The King’s palace, the public garden Jnan Sbil, Al Quaraouin (the oldest Moroccan university), Madrassa Bouanania and the museum El Batha. Batha shows you the richness of Moroccan culture in ancient history. It is an exposition of traditional artisanal copperworks, silverworks, Bijoux, and costumes original from the 18the and 19the century.

In contact with the hospitable Moroccan people and visiting the most charming locations and cityscapes will surely give you a satisfactory and memorable result.

For everybody who makes the reservation for a complete day tour, there will be some free time to enjoy lunch. If you like your guide can advise you.

Fez is the oldest city in Morocco, founded in the 8th-century BC, by Idriss I, who was a great leader and the first one to bring the Islam Religion to Morocco. In every corner of the old city, a perfect shot awaits.

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