Fez Handicrafts Day Tour

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Daily Tour 1 Day
Fès, Maroc

Visit the most vibrating Medina and see a variety of colourful handcraft products like; leather products in the oldest Tanneries, Pottery, Metal workshops and carpets.




Total 4-8 hours

  • Transportation from and to your accomodation in a car with air conditioning.
  • English speaking private chauffeur
  • Visit the souk with a professional guide

  • Lunch ( if you make a day tour of 8 hours)

What to Expect

  • Discover the Moroccan oldest city.
  • Enter the walls of the Medina, and learn more about the rich culture and ancient history.
  • Learn the mysterious secrets of the most impressive Moroccan handicrafts.
  • Meet professional Moroccan artisans and see their captivating Moroccan treasures.


Fez is known as Morocco’s oldest imperial city. Fez is not only the spiritual capital of Morocco but is also the most important center of artisan arts. Thirty thousand talented Artisans in the old Medina of Fez produce a variety of high-quality products.

The guide makes sure that you see the most excellent handmade produced silverwork, copperwork, embroidery, leather, ceramics, and pottery in the specialized quarters of the souk.

Fez handicrafts day tour will impress you with the fine art of making traditional Moroccan carpets, full of color and symbols which reflect either the Moroccan Fassi, Berber, Rebatti or Seharaoui culture. The Fes Berber Carpets cooperation works with talented artisans.

Fez city is famous for its leather. The most famous and thousand years old tannery is the “Chouara Tannery” It contains various pits where the young craftsmen wash and remove the hair from the skins and polish them with natural colors. All kinds of products are made of this leather; shoes (belgha), bags, coats.

Finally, the guide will take you to the Seffarine square to visit the Metal workshops nearby Al-Quaraouiyin mosque fort he most fabulous copper products.

Fez is famous for the traditional method of producing “Zellige”. Zellige is a signature of Moroccan architecture and design. The handmade Zellige is a unique, luxurious and sophisticated product. Every tile is different. Zellige is used in many different ways such as; floors, walls, hammams, swimming-pools, fountains, and fireplaces.

Fez is the best place to buy original beautiful handmade Moroccan souvenirs. The number of shops is gigantic. If you like the guide can help you purchase your souvenirs.

Please notice that on Friday a lot of shops in the Medina are closed.

Fez is the oldest city in Morocco, founded in the 8th-century BC, by Idriss I, who was a great leader and the first one to bring the Islam Religion to Morocco. In every corner of the old city, you can see the most captivating handicraft, each item is perfectly made to show the real beauty of Morocco.

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