Fez Culinary Tour

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Fès, Maroc Fez

Enjoy great food from the culinary capital  of Moroccan … .. Fez

Fez has the most sophisted cuisine in Morocco. You can buy food everywhere in the streets and the number of restaurants is gigantic. Food in Morocco is one of the main aspect of life. It has to be considered a real phylosophy. Even the very small and sometimes  ancient looking restaurants serve food of high quality.



  • Transportation
  • Visiting a scala of restaurants in Fez
  • Tastings

Optional at extra cost

  • Visit huilerie
  • Visit Les Celliers de Meknes

  • Any private expenses.

What to Expect

  • Taste the most delicious Moroccan dishes.
  • Learn the secrets of the famous Moroccan cuisine.
  • Try the tempting Moroccan street food.
  • Discover more about the rich Moroccan culture.


Fez was founded in 808 in the unique spot between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea. People from Persia, Tunisia, and Andalusia populated these areas which we know now as the city of Fez.

The cultural background of all these people created diversity in eating patterns. This resulted in the rich culinary tradition off nowadays.


Moroccolacaltours will lead you to various restaurants and tastings. Depending on which season you are in Fez, you will taste the most amazing fruits, spices, tajines, and pastilla.

It is even possible to visit one of the local Tuileries just outside the city or if you want to spend some extra time, the winery in Meknes. (approximately 1 hour outside Fez)

Magical herbs and spices. The Fassi kitchen integrated most of the Arabic and Andalusian influences to be the subtle combination of sweet and savory as you may already know. Spices are combined with the soft tones of cinnamon, anise and orange blossom. You may know the nice balanced Ras-el Hannout; a combination of 27 of the best spices of Morocco.

Sweet elements like dates, almonds, prunes, and honey are often combined with savory meat. Pastilla (pastry) with pigeon and almonds is one off the specialties of Fez.

Slow cooking and making use of a traditional oven make sure that all elements have enough time to nicely balance the dish. The tajine, for instance, keeps all the aromas inside the cooking pot. Famous are the chicken and lemon tajine with olives and also the lamb tajine with prunes. Both great dishes. All dishes are prepared carefully and with great respect for the ingredients. To make an original couscous it can take up to 4 hours. But the results are amazing.

Nice and sweet. Worldwide probably the most known is the great variety of cookies ( with almonds and orange blossom) and pastry. Together with the mint tea an ideal way to finish your meal.Or maybe in the afternoon to get some new energy

Moroccan wine The first indications of wine-growing in Morocco was concentrated around the city of Volubilis and is dated from the times of the Phoenicians (2nd century).

The main vineyards now are on the line Rabat, Meknès, Fès. From the maritime west to the dry east. From all Maghreb Morocco makes the highest quality wines. In particular, red and rosé wines are made. The rosé wine is usually on the market like Vin Gris. This is because of the pale gray color of the wine. On the label, this is then referred to as Gris de … followed by the area name. For example Gris de Guerrouane

The largest producer in the Moroccan wine industry is Les Celliers de Meknes. They realize the only Moroccan château (Château Roslane) and the only AOC (Coteaux de l’Atlas). The castle and cellars can be visited by appointment. From the top floor, you have an exceptional view of the domain and the ranks. The many quality wines can be found in the restaurants. After all, 90% of Moroccan wine production is drunk in Morocco itself. Something you might not expect from an Islamic country.

Fez is the oldest city in Morocco, founded in the 8th-century BC, by Idriss I, who was a great leader and the first one to bring the Islam Religion to Morocco. The cultural background of all these people created diversity in eating patterns. This resulted in the rich culinary tradition off nowadays.

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