Cooking Classes with Fassi Family

Daily Tour 1 Day
Fès, Maroc

Experience the generosity of the Moroccan kitchen by traditional cooking with local products under the guidance of a real Chef.

Cooking classes with a fassi ( originally from Fez) family is a very enjoyable cooking experience, an opportunity to get to know the most famous and original Moroccan recipes. The Fez cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world, which makes a cooking class such a worthwhile idea.



  • Transportation from and to the hotel by an english speaking .private chauffeur  in a car with air conditioning.
  • Visiting the souk.
  • Tasting Local Products and dishes of your choice.
  • Fes Cooking Class with professional local Chefs.
  • Use of all cooking utensils (included the aprons).
  • All the ingredients.
  • Recipes on paper to take home.

  • Any private expenses.

What to Expect

  • Taste the most delicious Moroccan dishes.
  • Learn the secrets of the famous Moroccan cuisine.
  • Try the tempting Moroccan plates and salads.
  • Discover more about the traditional Moroccan lifestyle and eating traditions.


You get hosted by a Fassi chef.Together you go to the souk , the local market, to buy all the ingredients needed for preparing the dishes of your choice.The chef will help you to choose the dishes you like. After visiting the souk you go tot he house or Riad of the chef to cook together. In a relaxed atmosphere The chef will help you to prepare  the most amazing traditional food of Morocco.

There are many options to choose from. You can bake the traditional bread Khobz Harsha and Melawi in the traditional oven (Farran). You can prepare a tajine with fresh vegetables, fish, chicken or lamb, or a tajine with onions and raisons, even a tajine with tomato sauce and eggs . Then off course there is a possibility to prepare the original Moroccan couscous, Salads like Zaalouk, Pastila and Moroccan Soup (Harira). Anything you would like to try is available with us and the guidance of your chef.The chef will  use the best Moroccan spices such as cumin, ginger,cinnamon, pepper, paprika, turmeric, saffron, coriander and rass el hanout. ( combined 27 spices)

After preparing the most delicious dishes you can  enjoy eating together . You will discover that dishes made with love and passion for the products, taste fantastic. For Moroccan people eating together with family and friends is very important, so everthing is made with love.

After this food experience the chef can give you the recipes on paper, so you can  try again to make them at home.

You also can taste the Moroccan oil and olives, preserved lemons and famous mint tea to finish the meal.

You will be picked up at your Hotel or Riad by your private chauffeur and off course after the cooking class you will be brought back again.

It will be an unforgettable cooking- and tasting  experience in the traditional Moroccan kitchen.

Fez is the oldest city in Morocco, founded in the 8th-century BC, by Idriss I, who was a great leader and the first one to bring the Islam Religion to Morocco. The cultural background of all these people created diversity in eating patterns. This resulted in the rich culinary tradition off nowadays.

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